- Unit Log -

2009: Received. Unit was constructed in 1977 based on component dates.
2011 Aug: Cleaned, numerous solder points cleaned up, loose or cut traces replaced with jumpers, attempt to align switches, bent RUN switch opened and fixed, bent MEM switch replaced, INPUT/STEP switch replaced, some resistors and Q and POWER LEDs replaced, wires connecting boards replaced with new strain relief holes, crystal and caps replaced, regulator installed on CPU board, power supply clip points installed.

Physically reorganised so unit can be assembled as a 4-layer stack: INPUT/STEP switch moved beside Mem switch, holes drilled for spacers, wood and plexiglass trimmed.

Tested with simple blinky-light programs, functional.

2011 Sep: 16 ohm speaker mounted on wood and 200 ohm resistor mounted at Q output. Speaker can be easily attached to Q output with clips when needed.

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2011 Aug