Philips P-63 Statistical Calculator

Manufacturer: Philips
Model: P-63 Statistical
Year: 1975?
Form: Pocket
Functions: Basic four, %, square root, memory, special statistical functions
Number of Digits: 8
Display Type: LED
Logic Technology: LSI
IC Complement:National Semi. MM5763N
National Semi. DS/DM8864
Batteries: 9V
Power Connector:9 VDC, + tip, sub-mini audio
Tech. Data Level: 1

Identical to Novus 6030.

- Unit Log -

Serial Number: 010499
Year of Manufacture: 1975? (ICs stamped with 523 and 525.)
Accessories: With power adapter and manual.
Date of Receipt: 29 May 2001
Source: Maple Ridge V. V.
State upon Receipt: Good physical condition. Functional.
Current State: LED display has several in-operative segments due to the poor connection of the segment wires to the display busses (31 May 2001).

Date: 31 May 2001
Procedure: Cleaned.

  Philips P-63 Statistical
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