Lagomarsino 8361
Electromechanical Adding Machine

Manufacturer: Lagomarsino
Model: 8361
Year: 1950s ?
Functions: Add, subtract, accumulate, multiply
Keypad: 10-key
Digits: 13
Display: Paper tape

Label on front says "LAGOMARSINO TOTALIA", label on rear says "LAGOMARSINO MOLTICMATIC". Made in Italy, Milano.

- Unit Log -

Serial Number: 137732
Year of Manufacture: 1950s ?
Date of Receipt: 2001 Jan
Source: Haggerty Equip.
State upon Receipt: Grubby from storage in industrial warehouse. Non-functional, motor does not stop.
Status: Jammed.

Date: 2013 Feb
Procedure: Sticky pivot on right-hand side freed. Register gears are sticky around digit 6. Motor stops now, numbers can be entered, but add key is stuck. Seizes up and stalls motor on total.

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