Olivetti Multisumma 22
Electromechanical Adding Machine

Manufacturer: Olivetti
Model: Multisumma 22
Year: 1950s ?
Functions: Add, subtract, accumulate, multiply
Keypad: 10-key
Digits: 12
Display: Paper tape

Somebody seemed to believe the way to maintain this unit was to dump a pint of oil into it. Even with that, one of the main problems with it was still gummy lubricants and seized mechanics.

- Unit Log -

Serial Number: M 158452
Year of Manufacture: 1950s ?
Date of Receipt: 2001 May
Source: CVRS contact.
State upon Receipt: Filled with oil.
Status: Addition functional.

Date: ~2001
Procedure: Base pan and other surfaces cleaned of gross amounts of oil.

Date: 2013 Feb
Procedure: Exterior cleaned. Some cleaning of mechanism. Keycaps 6 and ShiftRight broken on inside. Plastic glued with crazy glue, voids filled with hot glue for additional strength

Date: 2013 Feb
Symptoms: A couple of numerics keys are jammed.
Solution: Key bars had slipped out of their guide by the storage face. Some straightening of the key bars for alignment of the keycaps.

Date: 2013 Feb
Symptoms: Numeric keys are locked.
Solution: Keypad lock on short shaft below total and sub-total keys is stiff from old lubricant. Unseized with lubricated contact cleaner.

Date: 2013 Feb
Symptoms: Some digits sticking. Total will show non-zero after prior total (clear).
Solution: LCC sprayed on register gears. Addition works. Subtraction seems to work except when only a single digit is entered the digit always registers as 1. Multiplication still loops endlessly.

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