Computing History References  

Books on the History of Computing in the
UBC Computer Science Reading Room

Title Author Year Publisher Call
Period Books:
Faster Than Thought
A Symposium on Digital Computing Machines
Edited by B.V. Bowden 1953 Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons, Ltd., London QA 76 B68
Programming the IBM 650 ... Andree 1958 ? QA76.5 A55
Books about the history of computing:
The Computer from Pascal to Von Neumann Herman H. Goldstine 1972 Princeton University Press QA76 G648
The Origins of Digital Computers - Selected Papers
(from Babbage to Wilkes)
Edited by Brian Randall 1973 Springer-Verlag TK 7888.3 R36
Early British Computers Simon Lavington 1980 Digital Press, DEC QA76 L395
Project Whirlwind
The History of a Pioneer Computer
Kent C. Redmond and Thomas M. Smith 1980 Digital Press, DEC TK 7889 W47 R43
An Appraisal of the Eckert-Mauchly Computers
Nancy Stern 1981 Digital Press, DEC QA 76.5 S775
The First Electronic Computer - The Atanasoff Story Alice R. Burks and Arthur W. Burks 1988 University of Michigan Press QA76.5 B825
IBM's 360 and Early 370 Systems   1991 ? QA 76.8 I12 P84
Other Books:
The Computer and the Brain von Neumann 1958 ? QA 76 V6
Computer Power and Human Reason
From Judgement to Calculation
Joseph Weizenbaum 1976 ? QA 76 W44


Title Author Year Comment
Computing System for the Solution of Large Systems of Linear Equations John V. Atanasoff 1940 in Origins/Randall
(ENIAC) Burks? 194? in Origins/Randall
First Draft of a Report on the EDVAC John Von Neumann 1945 in ENIAC to UNIVAC/Stern; on web
Preliminary Discussion of the Logical Design of an Electronic Computing Instrument A. W. Burks, H. H. Goldstine, John Von Neumann 1946? in Origins/Randall
(SSEM) Kilburn? 1948? in Origins/Randall
(EDSAC) Wilkes 1948? in Origins/Randall

IEEE Annals of the History of Computing: Miscellaneous Articles

Vol/Num Date Topic Year Topic
V15/N1JanMar 19931940s The Computer as Von Neumann Planned It. (NR)
V19/N1JanMar 19871930/40s Crossing the Divide (30/40s --> stored program).
V20/N3JulSep 19981948 SSEM description. "Early Programs on the Manchester Mark 1 Prototype"
V21/N1JanMar 20001950 Table of machines circa 1950.
V20/N4OctNov 19981953 Eckerts 1953 article on memory technologies.
V22/N1JanMar 2000~ 1954 pg 29, recollections of J. W. Birkenstock, somewhat ambiguous ref to Watson Jr, ordering all 700 series machines to be 'retrofitted' with transistors.
V20/N3JulSep 19981954 Sperry Rand's transistor computers. Bell Labs TRADIC, built for Air Force in 1954, first transistor computer. IBM first transistor usage: pg 61, recollections of J.C. Logue, example transistorized version of 604 by 1954 (2200 transistors).
V19/N3JulSep 1997~ 1969 Intel 4004. Long article about development between Japan and U.S. regarding Busicom/Intel and calculators. Mentions early adoption of MOS by Japanese companies.
V21/N1JanMar 1999  History of Computing Curriculum with lists of suggested topics, technologies, etc.
V19/N1JanMar 1987  V20/N4? Synthesis in Software Engineering: long article on software/language devel. history.
V21/N2AprJun 1999  "Calculators" column. "Short contributions regarding the development, manufacture and use of calculators."
V19/N2AprJun 1997late 1930s Z3 description
V20/N2AprJun 19981950s-... Beginnings of AI in biography of Newell by Simon
V3/N2AprJun 19811946-51 Pilot ACE
V15/N1JanMar 19931946 "The Computer as von Neumann Planned It", modern interp. of the FDR-EDVAC


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