Digital Test
B & K 2810

Manufacturer: B & K
Model: 2810
Year: 1977
Schematic: RE partial
Functions: DCV, ACV, DCA, ACA, Ohms
Display: LED
Digits: 3.5
Logic: LSI digital, discrete & SSI analog

Basic battery-powered portable DVM.

To operate without batteries, apply 5-6VDC tip+ to rear jack.


Upper board containing LSI chip, display and power supply.

Lower board containing range switching and analog circuitry.

- Unit Log -

Serial Number: 71-06046
Year of Manufacture: 1978 (IC date code of 7814, copyright on case 1977).
Date of Receipt: 29 Apr 2012
State upon Receipt: Fair physical condition. Battery leakage pooled at bottom of case. Some corrosion to battery contacts, input contact and LM307 IC leads. Some components had been replaced previously.

Date: 30 Apr 2012
Procedure: Cleaned, powered up with 6V at battery contacts, ohms functional. Battery and input contacts cleaned.

Date: 02 May 2012
Procedure: Partial schematic produced. Soldering of previous repairs cleaned up. DCV and ohms functional. AC not yet tested, nor connections around LM307.

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