Digital Test
Fluke 8030A

Manufacturer: Fluke
Model: 8030A
Year: 1980
Schematic: MF
Functions: DCV, ACV, DCmA, ACmA, Ohms
Display: LED
Digits: 3 1/2
Logic: LSI

Kind of a compacted version of the Fluke 8000A, this model is based around the same two proprietary Fluke ICs, SC522 and SC523.

While these units are built for the most part with the customary quality of Fluke instruments they do have a significant flaw in the flexi-print strips used to connect the printed circuit boards. Failures of these strips have probably been the end of many of these units.

The folded assembly of circuit boards removed from the case. The circuit boards are attached to each other with three flexi-print connector strips. One of these connectors is prominent along the upper rear angle. Another one runs along the lower rear angle and the third is behind the display board (partially visible). The ends of the white plastic strips which help form the flexi-print folds are just visible. These may have been lost if the unit was previously serviced.

While these flexi-strips are fine if left alone, too many mechanical cycles or mishandling during disassembly and service and the strips are easily overstressed to the point of failure. The failures take the form of either the copper traces of the flexi-strip detaching from the tack-style solder attachment to the circuit board, or the copper trace of the flexi-strip may itself crack.

The circuit board assembly unfolded for access.

- Unit Log -

Serial Number: 2370223
Year of Manufacture: 1980 (latest IC date code 8004).
Date of Receipt: 2012 May
State upon Receipt: Non-functional. No display. Previous attempts at repair, input area severely burned, probably from 100K R smoking. SC522 probably bad.

Date: 2012 May 14
Symptoms: +/- 14V not present, even with bad SC522 removed.
Solution: Q7 (MPS6651) bad, replaced with 2N4402.

Date: 2012 May 14
Procedure: SC522 (date code 8004) replaced with IC from 8000A (date code 7639). Display (scanning) present, but non-zero display and other problems.

Date: 2012 May 14
Procedure: Previous repairs around input cleaned up. Improper trace repair which connected a ground point to the TP3 circuit corrected. After this the unit functions while unfolded, but once folded up for assembly, negative-polarity voltages do not register properly.

Date: 2012 May 17
Procedure: Flexi-strips checked for bad connections, loose -14V connection found, resoldered, also several others. Unit now functional when folded up. Decimal point on 20 range then found not to be lighting up, traced to another bad flexi-strip solder connection, resoldered. Cleaned.

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