Digital Test
Heathkit IM-102

Manufacturer: Heathkit
Model: IM-102
Year: 1973
Schematic: MF
Functions: DCV, DCmA, Ohms, ACV, ACmA
Display: NIXIE
Digits: 3.5
Logic: RTL, Fairchild CµL

Based on the circuit design, this appears to be a copy of the Weston 1240.

- Unit Log -

Serial Number: 05318
Year of Manufacture: 1973 (IC date stamp of 7302).
Date of Receipt: ~2003
State upon Receipt: OK physically, not reliable functionally.

Date: ~2003
Procedure: Cleaned. Some cleanup of disorganised wiring. Old-style power connector replaced with IEC standard.

Date: ~2003
Procedure: Recalibrated. Functional.

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