Digital Test
Metrotech 4520  

Manufacturer: Metrotech
Model: 4520
Year: 1972
Schematic: -
Functions: Audio Time-Code Decoder
Display: RCA Numitron
Digits: 6
Logic: TTL

The decoder compatriot for the Metrotech 4510 time-code generator. This unit simply receives the audio signal from tape, or directly from the generator, and displays the time stamp.

Internal view.

Rear panel, identifying this unit as being from Dictaphone.

- Unit Log -

Serial Number: 8056-3
Year of Manufacture: 1976 (Component date codes of 7351 to 8022, caps on main board 7635).
Date of Receipt: 2014 Jan
State upon Receipt: Good condition. Functional for receiving signal from generator. Top cover missing.

Date: 2014 Jan
Procedure: Input selector switch not conducting on all positions. Contact cleaner dribbled in through throat.

Date: 2014 Jan
Procedure: Old 163-style power connector replaced with IEC standard.

Date: 2014 Jan
Procedure: Cleaned and refurbished. Switches rough, lubricated with small drop of oil in throat.

Date: 2014 Jan
Procedure: Top cover constructed. Front panel aluminum casting drilled and tapped for two screws for new top cover.

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