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Venner TSA 3336/2

Manufacturer: Venner
Model: TSA 3336/2
Year: 1964
Schematic: RE,MF
Max. Rate: 1.1 MHz
Display: meter projection
Digits: 6
Logic: discrete transistor Ge-PNP

A discrete transistor counter made in England in the early 1960's.

This model uses film-projection displays. The display brightness is uneven across the digits because portions of the films have darkened with age.

(Advertisement: Wireless World, Dec 1961, page 22.)

The grey boxes in a row at the rear are decade counter modules.

Inside one of the decade counter modules. Point-to-point wiring, that's not a printed circuit board. Only 2 flip-flops are in view, the other side of the board is similarly populated with another two flip-flops.

The transistors (Mullard OC44 & similar) are the black cylinders with yellow-green-blue spaghetti on the leads.

Inside one of the film-projection display digit modules. These displays are based on an analog meter movement with a piece of film attached in place of the usual needle. The numerals 0 to 9 are present on the film. As the meter movement is energised a different numeral rotates into place in a light beam supplied by a standard incandescent lamp.

The top of the incandescent lamp is visible underneath the curving white wire at the bottom of the photo. A portion of the armature coil of the meter movement is identifiable by the red-orange enamel wire.

Closeup of the film area, with a little level manipulation of the photo to bring out the numerals on the film. The funnel-shaped object is the end of the lens assembly coming from the lamp.

- Unit Log -

Serial Number: L8273
Year of Manufacture: 1964 (Components stamped with Dec 1963, Aug 64).
Date of Receipt: 1998 Apr
State upon Receipt: Non-functional. Some lamps burned out. Meter movement for MSD bad, note also has different FS rating. Good physical condition.

Date: 1998 Apr
Procedure: Crystal oscillator not operating. Crystal is bad, corrosion on internal contacts to physical crystal.

Date: 1998 Apr
Procedure: Some wiring for lamps replaced.

Date: 2005 Apr 28
Procedure: Original crystal replaced.

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