Olympia CD401A Calculator

Manufacturer: Olympia
Model: CD401A
Year: 1974
Form: Desktop
Functions: Basic four, user memory, constant, rounding
Number of Digits: 12
Display Type: VFM
Display:FUTABA 13-MR-01
Logic Technology: LSI-2
Diodes: 33
Transistors: 6
IC Complement:Texas Instruments TMS0206
Texas Instruments TMS0318
Hitachi HD3281
Toshiba TM4312 (3)
Toshiba TM4352 (4)
Toshiba T3086 B
(11 total)
Tech. Data Level: 2
Tech. Data Source: RE
Tech. Data Pages: 2
Tech. Data:Schematic (pdf)

Internal view.

Electronics board.

- Unit Log -

Serial Number: 0428711
Year of Manufacture: 1974 (IC stamped with 7403)
Date of Receipt: 03 May 2000
Source: Polsons.
State upon Receipt: Good physical condition, functional.
Current State: Fully functional (May 2000, 2020 Feb).

Date: May 2000
Procedure: Cleaned. Keyboard bouncy, numeric keys sprayed. Connectors added to transformer wires at PCB so PCB can be removed without unsoldering.

  Olympia CD401A
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