Rapidman 1220 Calculator

Manufacturer: Rapidman
Model: 1220
Year: 1973
Form: Desktop
Functions: Basic four, constant, user memory, %
Number of Digits: 12
Display Type: PPX2
Display:Burroughs BR 13451 (Panaplex II)
Logic Technology: LSI-2
Diodes: 39
Transistors: 8
IC Complement:EA EA7022
EA EA7023
Tech. Data Level: 2
Tech. Data Source: RE
Tech. Data Pages: 1
Tech. Data:Schematic (pdf)

Internal view.

Electronics board. Note the burned portion of fiberglass board in the upper-left corner of the photo. This was from an overheating zener and resistor regulator, they have been replaced by a 7912.

- Unit Log -

Serial Number: 06-400597
Year of Manufacture: 1973 (Integrated circuits stamped with 7309 and 7322)
Date of Receipt: 1990s
Source: Donation.
State upon Receipt: Good physical condition, functional except some segments are slow to ionize.
Current State: Fully functional except for slow segments (12 Jun 2001).

Date: 199x
Procedure: Cleaned.

Date: 1998 May 12
Procedure: Power supply repaired by replacing 12V zener and 180-ohm resistor with 7912 regulator.

Date: 2011 Jan 21
Procedure: Alternative chipset of EA7032 and EA7033 inserted for trial. Keyboard input and arithmetic operations seem to work but the display is faulty. Some segments do not work and the first digit is in the wrong place.

  Rapidman 1220
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