Mitsubishi M5300 / M5900 Series
Integrated Circuits

Known Devices: M5304, M5310, M5320, M5330, M5340, M5352, M5373, M5391,
M5930, M5932, M5936, M5946, M5962.
Period: Late 1960s.
Source of Data: Data for most of these devices was derived from reverse engineering of a Facit Model 1123. Data for the M5930, M5932, M5936 and M5946 was derived from circuit boards from an obscure calculator servicing unit. The output configurations noted in the pinout diagram were inferred from measurements.
Technology: Electrically compatible with standard DTL/TTL. This has been borne out by successful replacement of an M5340 with a 7400. The pinout for some devices differs from standard 7400 series however. Output configuration also varies between the devices.
Supply Voltage: +5 V.
Logic: Gate symbols are presented in accordance with
  • TRUE = +5V
  • FALSE = 0V
Packaging: Standard 14-pin DIP.
  • The M5304 is an expander for use with the M5352.
  • The M5391 is an 8-bit shift register.
  • Note different edge triggers for M5373 and M5391.
  • IC packages as viewed from above.

  Mitsubishi M5300/M5900 Series
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