An ABC Operator's Manual  


The ABC is intended to solve a set of linear equations in up to 29 variables. To do so a modified Gaussian elimination method devised by Atanasoff is employed. The machine performs the arithmetic required to eliminate a variable from a pair of equations, while a human operator directs the overall process and performs a lot of card swapping.


1. Principles of the Solution Process
2. Stages of Operation
3. Equipment and Controls
4. Flowchart of Operation

This manual was written as a preliminary exercise to creating the simulation of the ABC. It is intended to provide an understanding of what the ABC did and how it would have been used, as well as being a manual for operating the simulation. The latter point has been taken as sufficient cause to use the present tense, even though it is a new manual for a 60 year-old machine.

  1. Principles | 2. Stages | 3. Equipment | 4. Flowchart
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