Texas Instruments SN3900 / SN4500 Series
Integrated Circuits

A series of DTL devices from TI.

Pinouts for devices in this series correlate to standard 800/900 series DTL. Also, SN15846 (846 quad 2-in NAND DTL) ICs have been observed in place of SN3925 in a Canon 163 calculator.

The difference then, between this series and standard 800/900 series DTL is not known. There may be no functional difference. These may be units selected for consumer-grade service, or just stamped with part numbers specifically for Canon.

Known Devices: SN3920, SN3925, SN3931, SN4552, SN4553, SN4554, SN4555, SN4556.
Period: Late 1960s to early 1970s.
Source of Data: Data for these devices was obtained from a data sheet for the Monroe 925 and reverse engineering of a Canon EP151 and Canon 163.
Technology: Standard DTL.
Supply Voltage: +5 V.
Logic: Gate symbols are presented in accordance with
  • TRUE = +5V
  • FALSE = 0V
Some devices have single-ended outputs with internal pull-up resistors, some have totem-pole outputs.
Packaging: Standard DIP.
  • IC packages as viewed from above.

  TI SN3900/SN4500 Series
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