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Some machines using the JMOS family of ICs used shift registers from some other manufacturers. Why is not clear, as equivalent shift registers were available in the JMOS family.

Two Philco SC1772 ICs were found in a Commodore DAC-612. All other ICs in the 612 are from the JMOS family. This device interworks with them well enough although some of the JMOS conventions for output type and supply connections are not followed. Why it was used in the 612 is a mystery as the µPD106, also found in the 612, is also a 48-bit shift register and would seem to have the same functionality.

See the general notes about the JMOS family for more details.
Source of Data: - Data for the SC1772 was derived from reverse engineering of a Commodore DAC-612 (2000 Feb).
- Data for the SSR0109 was derived from reverse engineering of a Casio 121-B, by Mick Metsellaar (2007 Jan). Apparently the manufacturer could not be discerned.
Packaging: TO-100 10-pin can.
  • In contrast to most others in the JMOS family, the output of these devices is NOT open-collector.
  • IC packages as viewed from above.

  Misc. Shift Registers
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