Hitachi HD700 Series
Integrated Circuits

Data on this series is currently very limited, but evidence points strongly towards it being a member of the JMOS family.
Known Devices:HD701, HD703, HD707.
Period:Late 1960s.
Source of Data: Data for these devices was derived from an orphan display board believed to be from a Sharp calculator. The original power supply was not present but the board was successfully operated at -15 to -24V. (2000 Jun)
Supply Voltage:VG believed to be -24V and VD to be -14V.
Packaging: TO-100 and TO-101 cans.
Related Series: NEC µPD1, NEC µPD10/100, Toshiba TM4000, Hitachi HD3100
  • In contrast to most devices in the JMOS family, the outputs of the HD701 shift register are NOT open-collector.
  • IC packages as viewed from above.

  Hitachi HD700 Series
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