NEC µPD1 Series
Integrated Circuits

This series is a member of the JMOS family. See the general notes about the JMOS family for more details.
Known Devices: µPD1, µPD2, µPD3, µPD4, µPD5, µPD6, µPD7.
Source of Data: Data for these devices was derived from reverse engineering of a Sharp Compet 17 (2000 Jul).
Packaging: TO-100 (10-pin) and TO-101 (12-pin) cans.
Related Series: NEC µPD10/100, Toshiba TM4000, Hitachi HD3100, Hitachi HD700
  • The µPD110C is inferred to be 4 MOS transistors as shown below. In logic terms, each element appears as a bidirectional switch with an inverted control input. The switch is closed when the control input is FALSE (-24V). They can be used several ways: inverters, XOR gates, AND gates with inverted inputs, even as sample-and-hold latches.

    Due to their bidirectionality, care is taken in use to ensure other 'wire-ORed' outputs do not feed back through the element to affect the state of the signal on the non-inverted input.

  • IC packages as viewed from above.

  NEC µPD1 Series
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