Hitachi HD3100 Series
Integrated Circuits

This series is a member of the JMOS family. See the general notes about the JMOS family for more details.
Known Devices: HD3103, HD3104, HD3106, HD3107, HD3112, HD3117.
Source of Data: - Series data and pinouts for HD3106, HD3107, HD3112 were derived from reverse engineering of a Commodore DAC-612 (2000 Feb).
- HD3103, HD3104, HD3117: Pinouts were derived from reverse engineering of a Casio 121B by Mick Metselaar (2006 Dec).
Packaging: Standard DIPs.
Related Series: NEC µPD1, NEC µPD10/100, Toshiba TM4000, Hitachi HD700
  • The HD3112 is a full-blown Serial BCD Adder, performing serial addition, bit carry, tens carry, correction for digit sums greater than 9, negation, etc. The presumed internal structure is presented on the Serial Adders page.
  • IC packages as viewed from above.

  Hitachi HD3100 Series
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