Toshiba TM4000 Series
Integrated Circuits

This series is a member of the JMOS family. See the general notes about the JMOS family for more details.
Known Devices: TM4005, TM4006, TM4103, TM4105, TM4106, TM4351.
Source of Data: - Series data and pinouts for most devices was derived from a manufacturer schematic and reverse engineering of a Toshiba Model BC-1212 (1996 Jul).
- TM4351: Pinout was derived from reverse engineering of a Casio 121B by Mick Metselaar (2006 Dec).
Packaging: TO-100 (10-pin) and TO-101 (12-pin) cans.
Related Series: NEC µPD1, NEC µPD10/100, Hitachi HD700, Hitachi HD3100
  • IC packages as viewed from above.

  Toshiba TM4000 Series
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